Sony A6400 Vs A6600 Camera Comparison

The Sony Alpha A6400 and A6600 are two very comparable cameras that have a small number of differences. The a6400 comes with two-axis optical stabilization, whereas the a6600 features five. Both cameras come with real-time eye Movie AF with advanced speed of AF, and Z-battery in the APS-C frame. The a6400 is a better alternative for photographers who want shooting in dim light, while the a6600 is better for vloggers and hybrid photographers. The a6400 is more advanced and has better EVF and other features. But, the A6600 can also be used to create high quality video.


Both cameras are extremely efficient in terms of autofocus speed and optical performance. They also both come with a built-in flash. While there is a problem with the Sony A6400 has a handy on-board flash, the device does not perform well when used with flashes. The A6600 is a much superior choice for people looking for an integrated flash. The difference in weight between the two models aren’t important, it could be an issue in photography with low light.


The A6600 is the same model, but the A6100 includes the BIONZX imaging processor. Though the A6100 may be older, it’s accessible for purchase in various retail stores starting at $898. However, despite the different price however, the A6600 offers more features and functions. The A6400 features a new camera stabilization in the body and magnesium alloy body, while the A6100 lacks the seals for weather on the back.

The most significant difference between three cameras is their sensors’ sizes. The a6400 is equipped with UHS-I SD memory cards, whereas the a6600 uses UHS-II cards. The A6600 has a bigger battery, but the A6400 has no. Both use the identical microUSB port. While the a6400 does not offer the eye-AF feature the a6600 comes with a more powerful sensor.

Even though the A6600 version is more expensive in comparison to the A6400 however, it comes with some features not found in the A6400. The buffer size is bigger and it uses UHS II memory cards. The A6400 is faster and is smaller in size. A6600’s screen is larger than the A6600’sscreen, while the screen of A6600 is smaller. Nonetheless, both have different camera capabilities.

The A6600 which is the successor to the A6300, is designed for content creators. Both cameras come with a 180 degree flip-up LCD. They also support 4K video. The A6600 features a bigger buffer, however both cameras are capable of making 4K video. It is just that the A6600 offers more powerful the AF points. Even though the A6400 has identical sensors as the A6600 but it is equipped with a greater power AF system.

a6400 a6600

The A6400 provides the same functions like the A6600. The A6600 doesn’t have a front-facing control wheel, but the A6400 comes with. Both cameras support HDR video. Both cameras have high-quality quality in-body image stabilisation. The A6400 is slightly higher priced although its costs are lower. The A6600 is definitely the better camera in this particular comparison. Additionally, the A6600 is more robust.


Both cameras support 4K HDR video. A6400 features the same HDR profile. The camera can capture high definition video featuring higher-quality pictures. In addition, both cameras have the same features as the A6500 but are quite different in other ways. Both cameras are comparable in terms of price and the features. If you are looking for an APSC camera which meets your needs specifically, the A6400 is a good alternative.

If your requirements are different The cameras both have similar body size and weight. They both offer similar video quality, but the A6400 has a headphone jack. The A6600 weighs a little more, but it has a headphone port. It’s true that these features help make A6400 superior to A6400. If you are looking for more advanced cameras, both models can be the best option.

Sony’s a6600 sports more capabilities than the a6400 model. The a6600 has a higher resolution and a better image stabilizer. The electronic viewfinder gives full pixel readout. It also has a longer battery life , and it has a more comfortable grip. The a6400 is more expensive, so you’ll need a tripod for it to take underwater photos.


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